Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Actor: Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint is most likely recognized for his role in Harry Potter.
If you liked him on harry potter, you might be interested to know that is is playing a role on called "wild target"
Wild Target is an action movie which is outside of his normal genre but we'll see if he can do as well on an action movie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gattaca Review

I recently saw the movie Gattaca for the first time. I know its not a new movie but I found it to be very interesting. The movie starts off in a future setting. In the future people who want to have children can genetically enhance the fetus to prevent diseases , make them stronger, and even had a say in the physical aspects of their children.

The protagonist of the film is a man named Vincent. He is different than other people because he was not genetically enhanced. He is what they reffered to as a "faith birth" or "god child." I found this concept to be very intriguing and wanted to hear more about it so i thought the movie had a good hook to begin with.

The story continues as Vincent's parents decide to have a genetically enhanced child. Vincent, being a faith birth, was prone to die at an early age, had heart problems, and several other disadvantages. His new brother Anton was considered to be the perfect son. Vincent always felt inferior to his brother. The movie has the audience feeling sympathetic for Vincent and liking him.

The first major scene in the movie is when Vincent and his brother Anton go swimming and for the first time Vincent can outswim his brother. this is the moment when he realizes that he is not as weak as everyone says he is and that his supposedly perfect brother is not as strong as everyone says he is. this event gave him the confidence to try to pursue his dream regardless of his genetic disadvantages, which is to go to space.

Vincent studies constantly and works out to lot to try to outmeasure his DNA. He finally takes a drastic step and decides to use someone elses DNA. He becomes Jerome and gets a job at Gattaca. Jerome helps him throughout the movie.
He also begins a relationship with a woman named Irene.
Vincent has to go through many obstacles and many scares of almost being caught.
The movie has the reader in suspense wondering if he will get caught.
It is a very interesting  movie with a good concept.
i would reccomend it. be continued

Thursday, October 7, 2010

blog review

Recently i found a blog that is also about movies. it is i really liked it and it caught my attention. it talks about some new movies and has many details about it. it reviews them very well. i think it is a good blog and hope to be as successful as it is. i like the format and the simplicity.