Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coming Soon :)

Here are some movies that will be coming out soon, so keep an eye out for them :)

1. The Warrior's Way
2. All Good Things
3. Black Swan
4. I Love You Phillip Morris
5. Night Catches Us
6. The Chronicals of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
7. The Company Men
8. The Fighter
9. The Tempest
10. The Tourist
11. Hemingway's Garden of Eden
12. How Do You Know

Opening This Week

For anyone planning to go to the movies this week, these are the movies opening this week:

2. Love & Other Drugs
3. Faster
4. Tangled
5. 127 Hours
6. The King's Speech
7. The Legend of Pale Male
8. The Nutcracker in 3D

Top Box Office

These are the top movies right now :)
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1
2. Megamind
3. Unstoppable
4. Due Date
5. The Next Three Days
6. Morning Glory
7. Skyline
8. Red
9. For Colored Girls
10. Fair Game

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gone Baby Gone

Gone baby Gone is a movie I just saw recently. This movie came out back in 2007. It is a crime/drama/mystery movie. It starts off kind of slow but it will soon enough hook you :) It has a unique story line, although it takes along time to progress =/. The story line is good and leaves the audience thinking at the end of the movie... what would I have done?.... I think its good that it gets peoples thinking and it strikes up emotion. It is a good movie and I would recommend it IF you have patience because it does take a while before it gets interesting. It is not a fast pace movie so if your not into that then you probably shouldn't watch it. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is personally one of my favorite directors. I think he has a very unique style and I enjoy watching all the movies he makes. His movies are different from all the other movies. He started very small but generated a bigger fan base after his first movie. I will be reviewing several of his movies on my blog. Here are some of the movies he's might recognize some of them....
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp fiction
Jackie Brown 
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill 2
Grindhouse (Death Proof)
Inglorious Bastards 
Rio Bravo
From Dusk 'Till Dawn

Planet Terror

Planet Terror was released with Death Proof in 2007. I made a review of Death Proof earlier if you are interested in reading it. Planet Terror is an action, horror, sci-fi movie. It is really entertaining. It takes place when an experimental bio weapon is accidentally released. it is a gas that turns people into zombie-like creatures who eat humans. There is a group of survivors who want to stop them. The movie goes back and forth from the stories and backgrounds of the different survivors. It was directed and written by Robert Rodriguez. there are some twists and very exciting moments I really enjoyed this movie and I think you will too. 

Death Proof

The movie Death Proof is an action, crime, thriller. It is a very unique movie. It was directed and written by Quentin Tarantino. This movie came out back in 2007 and if you haven't seen it yet I definitely recommend that you  watch it. The movie is a bout a stunt man who uses his death proof car to murder people. The movie consists of two different groups of women who are both his targets. It is a very simplistic plot but still very entertaining. This movie was released alongside with Planet Terror and can be found as "Grindhouse." They were shown consecutively at theaters. Some of the characters overlap and it was fun to watch two different movies overlap.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Zombieland is a movie that takes place in a time when people turn into zombies. The movie is a Horror Comedy. The main character is a college student called Columbus. He starts off alone but develops some friendships throughout the movie. It is a very entertaining movie and kept my attention. It has its own unique style and I haven't seen a movie quite like it. I would definitely recommend it. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Box Office Top 10

For those of you who don't know what to watch i am going to help you out and let you know what the most popular movies of the weekend were.

The weekend Box office Top 10 were:
1. Saw 3D
2. Paranormal Activity 2
3. Red
4. Jackass 3D
5. Hereafter
6. Secretariat
7. The Social Network
8. Life as We Know It
9. The Town
10. Conviction

New Movies

If your thinking abut heading to the movies this weekend, 
here are some movies premiering this weekend (11/5/10):

Due Date
It is s comedy movie and is rated R. the movie is about an hour and 40 min long

Fair Game
This is a drama/thriller movie. It is rated PG13. It is about an hour and 48 min.   

For Colored Girls
This is a drama movie. It is rated R. 

Megamind is a cartoon movie. The cartoon includes voices of Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Sagas

There has been many times when i watch a movie and i really like it , then later on i see they have made a 2nd part of the movie and i don't really like it as much as the first. There are a lot of movie sagas that don't succeed because the following movies are not as good as the original.
Here are some sagas i think wont disappoint you:
Rocky saga
Saw saga
Spider man saga
Batman saga
Superman saga
Home Alone saga
Pirates of the Caribbean saga
The Godfather 
Alien saga
Predator Saga
Austin Powers saga

(for the sci fi lovers)
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Harry Potter 

Shrek saga
Toy Story saga