Thursday, September 30, 2010

fox report on roosevelt high school "waiting for superman"

recently fox news did a report on LA schools. they called roosevelt a dropout factory. i was offended, and i dont think they should jump to conclusions like that. they dont know any better, they cant just report on the bad aspects. they made the school seem really bad when in reality it is not. i would agree that our school system isnt the best but they shouldnt have singled roosevelt out. they shouldnt have made it seem as if the students at roosevelt high are stupid and uncapable of learning or achieving anything because they can achieve things....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello world

My name is yessi. i will be talking to you about movies and i will share my opinions and thoughts about them. i look forward to hearing  your opinions and seeing your point of view on some movies. I'll let you know what movies you should or shouldn't watch and ill give some good recommendations. i have always been interested in movies because you can learn a lot from them and they are very entertaining. i became interested in movies when i was little. my brothers would show me movies and i loved them. i watch a lot of movies at home, almost one every day. i also go to the theaters to watch the latest movies or ill watch them online :) i became aware of movies when i was a small child. i started off watching cartoon movies.